Scottsboro’s 3rd Annual
Band Competition
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Pat Trammel Stadium

Thank you for bringing your band to compete.
Please see the general information below.
You may also call us at 1-256-218-2039


Entry Fee

For the first 25 bands registering, the entry fee will be $100.00.  Please make checks payable to Scottsboro High School.
Please send payment to:
Scottsboro High School Band
C/O Jimmy Leek
25053 John T. Reid Parkway
Scottsboro, AL  35768

Entry Deadline

The entry form must be postmarked or completed on-line before October 10, 2019.  Registration will close at 25 bands.
Entries past October 10 will be subject to a $25.00 late fee.


  • Class A 1 – 20
  • Class AA 21 – 40
  • Class AAA 41 – 70
  • Class AAAA 71 – 95
  • Open Class* 95 and up

Band classification will be based the number of playing members. Percussion excluded (i.e. winds-only). Classifications are listed in this table. 7th and 8th grade marchers count as 1/2 toward the total.

Type of Show

Your band may perform any type of show that best represents the students and their abilities.

When facing the press box from the field, each band will enter from the left and exit from the right.

If your band needs assistance, we will be transporting pit equipment from the unloading area to the field.

Order of Performance

The order of performance will be determined by a drawing per classification.

Information will be e-emailed to each band director. Please check the snail-mail box on the registration form, if you also need a paper copy.

The mailing will be sent to you no later than October 12th.

Scoring will be as follows:

Music: 40 points
Marching: 40 points
General effect: 20 points


85-100 (Class A 80-100) Superior Rating I
70-84.0 (Class A 70-79.9) Excellent II
69.9 or less Good III

Our Judges

Drum Major – Mr. Thomas Whitten

Band – Mr. Paul Tallet

Mr. Gary McNutt

Dr. Eric Kirkman


Percussion – Mr. Sid Brown

Color Guard – Miss Memory Smith

Danceline/Majorette – Mrs. Holly Winfrey


  • Best in Show Award.
  • Best in Class Trophies for Drum Major, Soloist, Majorettes, Color Guard, Danceline, Percussion, and Band.
  • Most Entertaining Award.
  • Exhibition performances.
  • Excellent warm-up areas, designated parking, and facilities.
  • Large Hospitality Building with meals, drinks, and snacks served for directors and bus drivers.

For more information or to register online, go to and follow the link to Marching Festival, or via email at

General Information

Please do not “tailgate” or bring outside food into the stadium. We have worked hard to offer good food with our concession stand and outside vendors at a reasonable price but rely on the sale of food as many of you do at your home stadiums to help fund our band. Thank you!

Spectator parking ($5.00) will be located behind Collins Intermediate School across from the stadium and will be clearly marked. Access to the parking lot is via Cecil Street. Handicap parking is available right in front of the stadium.

General admission tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students. Ticket sales are located at the general pass gate beside our concession stand and include a program.