“es·prit de corps”

Mud Creek Marching Festival

Itinerary for the Mud Creek Marching Festival 11/07/2020

12:30 Call time and practice on the Betty Bates practice field
1:30 Load Trailer/Buses
2:00 Depart SHS for Hanceville
3:45 Arrive Hanceville – Use restroom unload Trailer
4:10 Leave for warm-up
4:15 Warm-up
4:55 Gate
5:00 Performance
5:30 Awards
5:50 Reload trailer / Eat
6:45 Depart Hanceville
8:15 Arrive SHS

Mud Creek Marching Festival

Wonderful news… the marching festival has been rescheduled to November 7th. We don’t know times but they should be similar. In preparation we will rehearse next Tuesday and Thursday from 3:50-5:00. Yes I said 5:00!!! Lets take this week to regroup and refresh our minds as we will not be having any rehearsal and get back at it next week! Please clear your schedule on that day and lets make it a fun day for competition! Also, Friday at 5:30 the band has been invited to Calvary Baptist Church to eat dinner. You are welcome to dress up in your Halloween outfits and we would like for everyone to be there! Thank you Calvary Baptist!

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